Colour psychology can definitely be a factor in home sales, both inside and outside the home.
If you have a house to sell, one of the best courses of action you can take is to apply a fresh coat of paint — and do it BEFORE the house hits the market. Previous advice has always been to use neutral colours, and while this is not necessarily wrong the days of the magnolia box are well and truly gone!!
98% of all home searches now start online, so your home needs to stand out from the crowd, with buyers scrolling through numerous photos looking for something to catch their attention, colour can play a huge part in this and while the wrong choice of colour can affect price and sale time adversely, choosing wisely can have a positive effect on how quickly your home will sell and the amount you’ll get for it when it does?
Unsurprisingly, first impressions count, so it’s vitally important for your home to be warm and welcoming to prospective buyers, SO, what colours should you decorate with when home staging? Let’s take a look at five of the most popular and why they work.


Blue is calming colour when used correctly and can really make a home feel light and airy. You can really use this colour to great effect in most rooms.
Think of your walls as the backdrop to a bigger picture, so using a lighter shade paired with bolder accent walls or contrasting soft furnishings can give viewers a striking contrast without being overwhelming. (farrow & Balls Hague blue can add depth and drama to any room)


Grey has taken the interior design world by storm over the last decade and has shed its once dreary image to give it a place in some of the most tastefully designed properties around.
A good grey can bring a quiet authority to a room without being overbearing. Subtle shades are fresh and clean allowing you to build your overall design palette with different shades, but remember to use colourful accessories to give rooms a more rounded feel.
One thing to bear in mind when using greys in the home is lighting. Choose a cooler light source, such as halogen bulbs, rather than warmer ones as they will complement your grey walls far better.


You knew it was coming, didn’t you? Creams are still among the favourites of home stagers, but they are usually paired with Taupes, light blues or dusky pinks to create that neutral pallet.
Premium paint manufacturers now offer stunning creams that really stand out while keeping the feel of a room neutral, just be sure to look at the whole gamut of creamy hues available to you before settling on one that suits your property. The subtle shade differences can have a dramatic effect.


Is green the new grey? It certainly seems so!
Humans are hardwired to find greens relaxing, as its presence once meant there was water nearby and survival was achievable. Therefore, adding greens to your home can trigger feelings of optimism and pleasantness – a winning combination for sellers!
Although deeper tones are having a revival, we suggest keeping things subtle to appeal to more buyers, so use lighter greens such as a pale aquamarine or something like Tunsgate Green from Farrow & Ball, whilst accentuating with a darker feature wall and soft furnishings in dusky pink or jewelled tones.


It could be argued that we’ve saved the best for last. White goes with absolutely everything, looks fresh and clean, and has the added benefit of being easy to work with.
However, while white works well pretty much anywhere, it can feel (and look) cold and sterile so use it as a foundation to be built upon, adding warmth colour and depth with your accessories is essential if you want to avoid giving buyers an impression of your home that leaves them cold.
(white is not good at hiding imperfections so make sure you sandpaper thoroughly, or have freshly plastered walls ?)
That’s it! Five colours to consider if you are thinking of redecorating before putting your home on the market. Give us a call if you need any other advice on selling your property or to discuss how we can help you achieve the best possible price for your home.