360 Tours

In todays busy world we have so many demands on our time, family, friends and work, especially when we decide to move.

Typically a house purchase starts with an online search, however looking at the photos will only give a snapshot view, which leads to the age old, do I book a viewing or not?

Most people think that a huge number of viewings is a good thing, however, with a 360 tour the first viewing is now in effect a second viewing, with potential buyers likely to have walked around the house many times before their first visit, this not only saves everyone’s valuable time, it provides a better viewing experience for everyone involved, and in the world of “covid 19” cuts down on unnecessary contact.

The tour below is of Tindale Towers and gives you a great idea of the experience that can be achieved.

Even after someone has viewed a property in real life the virtual tour can still be really useful. Have you ever come away for a viewing and though I wonder if my sofa would fit there? In the past you had to come back and take measurement. Imagine if you could just take the measurement from your own sofa, in a 360 tour you can (just click the tape measure icon in the bottom left corner then click where you would like to measure from and to).

We think this is the future of viewings and really allows buyers to get a great feel for the house and know it is something they are really interested in before coming round to see the house in real life.